It was at an early age that I discovered a love for all things fantastical. Through movies, video games, and books I was transported into magical worlds full of mythical beasts, irresistible romance, and heart-pounding adventure. But the romance was always the best part.


And if you agree with me, my stories are for you.

I live in the mountains with my husband and two young children. I often refer to them as Cowboy, Little Miss and Little Man. When I’m not writing, I enjoy camping, reading, yoga and coffee. I’m also a homeschooling mom with an obsession for chocolate!

Here’s what you’ll find in my books…

  • Breathtaking fade-to-black romance
  • Unique and magical worlds
  • Moments of suspense and adventure
  • And, brooding swoon-worthy heroes with a hidden soft side

So what are you waiting for? Get lost in one of my stories, and happy reading!

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