Book Review for Fly with the Arrow by Sarah K L Wilson

Alice in Wonderland meets the Fae in this quirky, page-turning read. Set in an unapologetically wild world where dark deeds abound, the wittenbrand are wicked beings obsessed with violence, trickery, torment… and a twisted game that determines the fate of the mortal world.

The male lead is a spirited, violently powerful and eratic wittenbrand lord named Bluebeard. He runs hot and cold, wild and tame, tender and harsh, dark and seductive. He’s a delightful puzzle.

His stolen bride is Izolda, a levelheaded, practical and plain mortal woman. Although she is his sixteenth wife, all is not as it seems and in this untamed, cruel and sometimes mad world of the wittenbrand, it was the romance between Bluebeard and Izolda that hooked me. I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

The world-building is outstanding, topsy-turvy, and beyond whimsical. I really enjoyed the entire story. It was full of action and adventure, secrets, betrayal, mind games and violence, all tied together with puzzling mystery and romance to make you swoon.

This is the first book in a completed series and it does end on a cliff-hanger. Reader beware.

Grim and wicked, this book is perfect for readers looking for a whimsy, mysterious and twisty read with a delightful touch of romance.

5/5 stars. I highly recommend it.



  • 5* = I loved it
  • 4* = I really liked it
  • 3* = I liked it
  • 2* = It was ok
  • 1* = I did not like it


  • Romance without explicit detail
  • A fair bit of violence and gore

Written by Lindsay Grace



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